Investment Time Horizon & Risk Tolerance Questionnaire


  • Please answer all of the following questions selecting only one response for each question.
  • Your answers to these questions should pertain only to this investment (Portfolio).
  • All owners must sign and date this questionnaire

Time Horizon

When do you expect to begin regularly withdrawing money from this portfolio for living expenses?

What is the longest period over which these withdrawals may need to last?

Risk Tolerance

Knowing that investment returns must at least equal, or preferably exceed, the rate of inflation, which of the following statements is most consistent with your expectations?

How long would your current cash reserves last if you needed them for living expenses?

Which statement best describes the purpose of this portfolio based on the level of risk you are willing to take?

If you did not plan to take withdrawals from your portfolio for 10 years and your portfolio were to decline by 20%, which option best describes how you might respond?

Which of these one-year portfolio return ranges would you prefer (assuming a $100,000 initial investment)? The charts show the best, average, and worst returns for each portfolio?